Drawing and All Things #1: Day One

Today we shall call Day One for no reason in particular save only my decision to commence with an official counting of days to begin on Day One and to cease on a day some days from today on which a decision shall be made to put an end to said official count. For the present we need only be aware that an official count has commenced with the official marking of today as Day One, the first in a series of days leading up to the one on which a determination will have been made to abandon the official marking of counted says. The numbered days marked and counted shall be consecutive and they shall be finite in their total number.

Yesterday, though no marked point on any known official record, was distinguished by the alarming possibility that it was a day of extreme import, perhaps a day worthy of such marking as to identify it as a day possibly more deserving of the title of Day One than even today, the official starting point of an official documentation of counted days. On a date to be determined on a later determined date the possibility of labelling, retroactively of course, yesterday as Day Zero will be considered, noted, reconsidered, and finally decided upon. For the present we need only be aware that Day One was preceded by a day far more interesting than itself and that my impulse to begin an official consecutive numbering of days sprouted from its lowly origins one day too late to have been truly effective. The retroactive renaming of days beginning with the labelling of yesterday as Day One has been considered, put into official effect, reconsidered, and ultimately abandoned as a costly and maddeningly confusing act whose implementation has been officially abandoned.

And so…Today we shall call Day One – and there is nothing to report.

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