“I thought it would be my one and only exhibition, so I decided to call it My Major Retrospective.” ~Tracey Emin

Gun. Fly. Plane. Brain.

Brazos Gallery, Dallas Texas, August 2011

Richland College’s Brazos Gallery presents Fort Worth artist Alvaro Perez’s new sculptural works in Gun. Fly. Plane. Brain. Machined from aluminum or acrylic, the works take the form of small interchangeable discs arranged as diagrammatic directions portraying iconic symbols such as planes, bullets, or birds. Acting as both narrative structures and linguistic, conceptual traps, the works question our current sociological climate and the folly of simplification in the face of increasing turmoil and complexity.

Presenting concise patterns of symbols Perez’s works read as glyphs: simplified ciphers of unknown import. As such, the viewer is open to develop assumptions of intent, possibly finding an investigation of terrorism confounded with symbols of peace.

Perez offers this statement regarding his new works: “Subjects have been selected and reduced to isolated symbols combined into a grossly inadequate visual system of glyphs. This limited vocabulary, along with simple directional cues, offers the viewer an illustrated attempt at the communication of concepts through picture. Ultimately, as is the case with most forms of communication, this system fails.”

Perez, an artist and educator teaching at Tarrant County College College, is a Dallas Museum of Art Kimbrough Fund Award recipient and has exhibited through out Texas.

The Violin is Tired of Lemons

Alvaro Perez and Clayton Hurt

500X Gallery, Dallas Texas, September 2009

“Scrap! Most of the individual parts used in this work were originally intended for use as flight simulator components for foreign and domestic militaries. By virtue of me not meeting the two thousandths of an inch tolerance for error mandated by my employer, they have instead been afforded the opportunity to exist as works of art in a gallery.” ~Alvaro Perez

“This work is a collection of small objects that have been separated from studio trash. Manipulated in ways many times until they finally arrive as finished works of art. This project room show has given Alvaro and myself the opportunity to exhibit our scrap objects similar to how we did in graduate school. Things that do not work out are not always bad, they lend themselves to new areas of exploration and levels of existence.” ~Clayton Hurt

(DIS) (EX) tracted

Art Depot, Lubbock Texas, June 2007

Press relese:

(DIS) (EX) tracted – new works by Alvaro Perez

 June 1st- June 29th, 2007
Opening Reception: 6-9 PM Friday, June 1st, 2007

      ART DEPOT presents (DIS) (EX) tracted, works by Alvaro Perez.  Perez is a Texas Tech University Graduate with a Bachelors degree in painting and a Master’s in Fine Art from TexasChristianUniversity.  Perez’s rich paintings border between chaos and order as they seek to describe the hidden tensions that pervade the world around us. The exhibition can be seen from Friday, June 1st through June 29th.  The reception is part of the citywide FirstFridayArtTrail on Friday, June 1st, 2007 from 6PM until 9PM.  The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Perez says of his visceral and layered works, “These paintings represent the complexity of the world and the extensive diversity it houses.  It is with a similarly complex usage of paint that I strive to capture the intrigue that is intertwined within our own existence yet so distant from our everyday thoughts.  Painting towards a sense of vague familiarity, I depict the biological, social, and structural growth and decay that affects all things.  Each canvas/panel is a microscopically staged meeting between the natural and synthetic world.

“These works are satirical and not activist in nature,” says Perez.  “I hope not to preach for a better future, but instead point a cynical finger at the one which awaits us, nervously laughing all the while.”

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